Home Renovation

With Exquisite Mr Carpenter Fit Out Interior, your concerns and problems will be solved; YOUR IMAGINATION WILL COME TRUE.

We offer interior design as well as various cabinetry/wood works services for your home in Malaysia, transforming your dream house from fantasy to real life. Be it from bedroom to kitchen, living room to bathroom, we can work with you to transform your house to be stylish, elegant and artistic!

Our custom made furniture offered include kitchen cabinets and counter tops, TV and display cabinets, altar area, bathroom cabinets, bedroom wardrobe and dressing table, bed frame with feature wall, etc. As we believe in providing our customers the best value for money products, we produce high quality built-in furniture with quality workmanship as well as materials.

You can view our past projects done to have an idea what we could provide, as well as some ideas on how you would want your house to be, or you can contact us now for consultation and quotation.

If you find a high quality constructor for your project?